Technology and sustainability:
the perfect fit

We combine ecology and technology to improve water quality and revitalize streams, rivers, lakes and lagoons (artificial and natural), making them easier to treat, enhancing the environment and helping nature recover its space and biodiversity.

Phyto System

  • Expansivel

    Fully expandable. The moduels fit together perfectly.

  • Facilmente instalável

    Easy to install under the supervision of our technical team.

  • Baixa manutenção

    Low maintenance.

  • Baixo custo, com excelentes resultados

    Low cost, with excellent results.



Allows better use of existing water resources.

Favors the reuse of water resources.

Improves the sustainable production of agricultural and livestock systems

Allows more sustainable use of water resources at basin level.



Canals and lakes

Sewage treatment stations

Applicable in industrial and agricultural plants

Fish farming: Favors production in natural surroundings susceptible to environmental improvement.

Agricultural production: Allows hydroponic crops to be grown on large surfaces.

Agronomy: Facilitates the treatment of agricultural or livestock wastewater.

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